During our 20th negotiating session today, the St. Luke’s team responded to MNA’s last package proposal. We are still awaiting a response from MNA on our package as well as the full staffing proposal that was presented on October 13, 2022.

There was discussion around unsafe staffing forms and the process around responding, follow up, and trending. This is an area both teams agree can be reviewed and tightened up, however we continue to believe the MNA’s staffing proposals will not resolve the issues.

The St. Luke’s team has strong desire to reach a settlement in order to resume many of the important functions that have been paused at the request of MNA such as collaborative rounding, and Staffing and Scheduling and Nurse Practice Committees.

St. Luke’s wage offer is at 10.75% increase over three years while MNA continues to ask for 24.5% over three years.

We are working together to schedule our next negotiating date.