Both parties came to the table today for our 19th negotiating session.

Staffing continues to be the major priority of both the MNA and St. Luke’s. The morning was spent talking about the grid review process, and we had great dialogue around staffing proposals.

The two parties are in agreement with many of the issues. For example, we all agree there is too much floating and we all agree that we need more staff. The difficulty is arriving at a solution that does not put patients at risk and balances both short- and long-term solutions. If we restrict floating, we must first consider the impact to the patients and nurses who are on the unit experiencing the shortage.

MNA provided another universal package proposal. The St. Luke’s team spent the afternoon reviewing the proposal for common ground and provided a counter to staffing, the most important issue. St. Luke’s is working on responses for the rest of the universal proposal.

Overall, today was a productive and positive day. Both parties were able to respectfully share opinions and thoughts which led to beneficial conversation in moving us forward.

Our next negotiation is set for Thursday, October 27.