Negotiations Update:

We held our 15th and 16th negotiating sessions on Wednesday, September 7, and Thursday, September 8.

At the start of the 15th session, St. Luke’s presented a package proposal to provide a roadmap to an agreement. The three-step roadmap was designed to:
1. Identify proposals each party can drop
2. Identify priority areas of interest for each party.
3. Make as much progress as possible while leaving the most complex proposals around wages, staffing and the pandemic until the end.

MNA countered with a comprehensive package proposal, which St. Luke’s considered carefully and then provided another counter proposal. With more than 20 open proposals under consideration, the 15th session ended around midnight.

At the 16th session, both parties came to the table acknowledging there was still a lot of work to be done. There was good dialogue around the articles in MNA’s universal proposal and honest conversations regarding the path to a settlement.

The group worked past 11 pm again and there is the possibility of another session this weekend.