Today was our 13th negotiating session. It was one of the best mornings of dialogue we’ve had in a long time, and the candid discussion was appreciated.

We all agree that staffing the hospital is St. Luke’s responsibility. Therefore, it is imperative that what we agree to in the contract will positively impact staffing in both the short and long term. We shared that we are concerned that several MNA proposals will negatively impact safe staffing. We need to continue having dialogue and collaboration to work through them.

In addition to staffing, the other main topics discussed were transfer timelines, ability to view sick time accruals, on-call in the OR, acuity, grids, unit council, and non-MNA nurses supplementing staffing in patient care units when MNA nurses have already been offered the shift.

MNA reduced their wage increase request from 36.5% to 34% over three years. St. Luke’s is offering a fair and reasonable 10.25% over three years.

We have provided MNA with additional dates for future negotiating sessions. We look forward to scheduling our next date.