Our 12th negotiation session today started off with a focus on St. Luke’s Mission and our commitment to our patients, people, organization and community. We discussed MNA’s recent news conference and shared our disappointment that MNA continues to unfairly target St. Luke’s.

The St. Luke’s team remains committed to providing transparent, factual information that is supported by data. We will not let mistruths stand. That is why we have created a document refuting MNA claims against St. Luke’s. The document is located on this website. (LINKED HERE)

St. Luke’s presented a counterproposal on education and certification, and an economic package that includes a 10.25% wage increase, increasing preceptor pay, and increasing student loan repayment. MNA remains at 36.5%.

Chris Johnson, St. Luke’s VP, Strategy & Finance, was prepared to give a current financial update including the impacts of the MNA proposals and a potential strike. MNA refused to allow nurses to hear the information, even after requested additional historical data was provided.

While a statewide strike vote is scheduled for Monday, August 15, we have our next negotiating session scheduled for Thursday, August 18.